– Art and Jewellery for Nature Lovers –

Hello, lovely! Welcome to tinkl ILLUSTRATION*.

I am so pleased that you have found your way to my website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the story behind my art and jewellery.

You may wonder, “Art and jewellery – that’s a bit of an odd combo, isn’t it?” But it’s actually all linked. I started off as an illustrator and graphic designer, but, like many other creatives, I love exploring new techniques and ideas. My love for nature is the driving force behind all my designs, which is why offering you beautiful Earth-conscious products is my number one priority.

The jewellery you’ll find in my shop has been handcrafted by me in the UK, using carefully selected materials. However, there currently are, unfortunately, many issues related to the mining and processing of gemstones and precious metals in general. So, it is my vision and goal to create more transparency and positive change in the industry through continuously educating myself on these topics and through working hard on improving my supply chains – to give customers like yourself the peace of mind that your products have been made fairly and sustainably.

In regards to my art, with the exception of some older artwork, all my art prints and greeting cards are printed on recycled paper. When it comes to product packaging, you will receive your lovingly made products wrapped and sent in materials that are 100% recyclable and contain as little as possible or no plastic at all.

I am also a member of the vegan art collective The Art of Compassion Project, and, to help animals, I donate a part of my proceeds to animal sanctuaries and charities to support their work of creating a world in which we treat other animals with more compassion, respect, and kindness. This also includes kindness to other humans and the respect for our planet. So, to support the responsible-jewellery movement, a part of my proceeds goes to initiatives that have made it their mission to make the world of jewellery fair and sustainable. So, with every purchase you make from my collection Art Helping Animals of from my range of jewellery, you, too, will be helping animals in need or be part of creating a positive shift in the jewellery industry. ♥️

Have a browse in my shop to see if there is anything that catches your eye (or if you are looking for a gift for your vegan friend), and make sure to follow me on Instagram (@tinklillustration & @arthelpinganimals), Facebook, and Pinterest to stay in the loop about my latest projects. You can also support my work on Ko-fi.


* Before we go any further, I would like to clear my grammar nerd conscience and point out that the “t” in “tinkl” (my last name), in all grammar logic, should be a capital “T”. However, I succumbed to the charm of the lower-case “t” of the font that I chose for my logo and, thus, heavy-heartedly, chose looks over grammar. But, please, rest assured that I am living with the consequences of this difficult decision (predominantly grammar guilt) every day. (Also, I just really wanted a reason to use my favourite punctuation mark, the asterisk, which is why I am delighting you with this little anecdote. You are welcome.)