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When I spoke with my dear friend on the phone, she suggested that I should call this section “The Essence of Kat” (Kat, that’s me) – which I would have done, but that would have been too long a title for the menu of this site to handle. So, let’s consider it the unofficial title for this little text with which I would like to welcome you to tinkl ILLUSTRATION*.

I am so pleased that you have found your way to this website and my art. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the story behind my illustrations. Although I paint lots of different things, there is one theme that all my designs have in common: our connectedness – with nature, animals, places, each other, and ourselves. This goes hand in hand with the mission of my art, which I like to call “Spreading Love Through Art”.

When you browse my portfolio, you will see that some of my main partners in crime are my ink pens and watercolours with which I create many of my designs traditionally by hand. When inspiration strikes that way (especially more recently), I also edit some of my illustrations digitally or draw them digitally from scratch. In my Etsy shop, you will find a selection of lovingly painted original artwork, art prints, greeting cards, and bespoke city and pet portraits. I also offer logo designs and other graphic design services in English and German – if you are interested, please contact me directly for a quote.

I am a member of the vegan art collective The Art of Compassion Project, and, to help animals, I donate a part of my proceeds to animal sanctuaries and animal rights activists to support their work towards creating a world in which we treat other animals with more compassion, respect, and kindness. ♥️

* Before we go any further, I would like to clear my grammar nerd conscience and point out that the “t” in “tinkl” (my last name), in all grammar logic, should be a capital “T”. However, I succumbed to the charm of the lower-case “t” of the font that I chose for my logo and, thus, heavy-heartedly, chose looks over grammar. But, please, rest assured that I am living with the consequences of this difficult decision (predominantly grammar guilt) every day. (Also, I just really wanted a reason to use my favourite punctuation mark, the asterisk, which is why I am delighting you with this little anecdote. You are welcome.)
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